MySpace and Facebook Surveys

Welcome to the largest collection of MySpace and Facebook Surveys to post in your bulletins and pages! We take pride in offering the easiest to find and most easily used Surveys for MySpace, TagWorld, Facebook, or any other of the social networking websites.

We'are constantly adding new surveys, so be sure to come back and look for our latest additions!

Survey Listing


Survey with 105 Ways to Procrastinate

155 Question Survey with good grammar!
20 Questions about your Top 2 Friends in your friends list.

Yet another 40 Question MySpace Survey!

A MySpace survey with 63 damn questions, have fun!

Based on your sign, what is your Alcoholoroscope?

A simple MySpace Alphabet Survey

Another fun Myspace Survey with 37 questions.

A simple survey to find out more about the people on your friends list.

A simple 40 "finish this" MySpace Survey
A great Myspace Survey with 40 questions you've probably never been asked in a survey!
A simple myspace movie survey, a way to total up popular movies you've seen         

Choose your birth month and day to get the subject of your bulletin post!

List of Your Favorites and Interests Survey
Yet another topicless myspace survey with 25 questions.
Random Survey of Questions
Here's a great MySpace Survey about Relationships!
Here's a nice survey about yourself!
Yet another survey brought to you buy!
The Best Myspace Survey Ever!
Survey of the Sexes!
What is in the back seat of your car right now? Another MySpace Survey!
A simple "What is" Survey for MySpace!
Another quick survey for your MySpace Bulletins!
Your Life: In 5 Steps Survey!